Newsroom 101

How to Hide Quizzes from Students

First, contact support to request Head Teacher status. This status enables you to hide quizzes.

Few teachers hide quizzes. Instead, they allow Newsroom 101 to display its full contents and give students an assignment sheet indicating which parts to complete. Ambitious students then have the option of completing the rest of Newsroom 101. If you hide quizzes, students cannot see or complete them. 

Hide quizzes carefully and at your own risk. 

(1) After opening your section of Newsroom 101, click "Turn Editing On" in the upper right.

Turn Editing On

(2) This puts the entire contents into a single long column. To Hide an activity or unit, use the "Edit" dropdown to the right of its name and choose Hide Topic. DO NOT DELETE IT.

Click Edit next to Quiz

You will continue to see the hidden topic grayed out or italicized. It will be invisible to students. Students will not see it in their gradebooks, although you will. 

Students will not see the hidden item.

(3) When you are finished, return to the top of the page and Turn Editing Off. 

How to Un-Hide a Topic

To un-hide a topic, go through the steps above but choose "Show Topic."

Although it is technically possible to restrict access till a certain date, it is not usually practical because you have to restrict each individual quiz or small unit of quizzes, and there are too many quizzes to make this useful. 

While you cannot restrict access to an entire topic (e.g., Spelling) until a certain date, you can still hide and show entire topics manually. 

By hiding and showing topics, you can reveal sections of Newsroom 101 as your students need them. 

Most teachers do not find this necessary, but you have the option. 

A suggestion: Keep it simple. Students know how to ignore work that they are not required to complete. 

Topics are hierarchical. To hide a cluster, hide only the top. E.g., to hide all the Dow Jones quizzes, hide the topmost item. You will see all the affected items change.

USE WITH CARE. We can't fix some mistakes.

NOTE THIS: If a quiz is marked "Review" or "All" and displays a list of prerequisites (with a note beginning "Restricted. Not available unless..."), you MUST assign all the prerequisites in order to assign the Review quiz. You may assign any of the prerequisites, however, without the Review. 

Go slowly and carefully. Feel free to ask questions. Ask us to look over your changes before students use them. 

Remember, no matter your impulse, DON'T DELETE an item. Just Hide it. As far as students are concerned, the result is the same. From your perspective, this gives you a large margin of safety.

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